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From boardroom to the personal desktop solutions

Seeing your partner eye-to-eye gets a totally new definition with the Telepresence solution. It's not just video conferencing. Immersive telepresence systems redefine the meeting experience. From the feeling when entering the room to the sensation of being at the same table, and simplicity of starting a meeting, the focus is solely on the experience of the executive. The Telepresence System brings the face-to-face experience to large meeting rooms. With the ability to host up to 18 participants in a dedicated room, it is ideal for large team meetings, cross-functional or training events, or distance learning.

HD Video Conferencing

High-definition video conferencing systems provide an excellent user experience with true-to-life quality for rich interaction and team collaboration. These systems are ideal for team meeting rooms of all sizes and fully interoperable with standards-based video, phone, or PC video. Experience enhanced video with the clarity and precision of full HD video conference systems.