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The Digital Signage (DS) systems provide new, innovative audio-visual communication channels with the help of displays and a network of media player hardware in a wide variety of application fields.

In the DS systems, the digital multimedia content (videos, images, animations, websites, etc.) is transmitted by a central media server on IP-based networks (Internet, broadband wireless systems). The signal is received by indoor and outdoor media player units that shows the digital audio-visual content on high resolution display screens in the desired pre-programmed times.

Complete Digital Signage Solution consist of:

Endpoint and the central software solutions delivered with dedicated, optimized and reliable hardware; innovative, professional and web-based multimedia content editor software; widespread support of multimedia formats; web-based remote monitoring; reporting and statistics software modules; encrypted communication between the system elements.

Unique multimedia capabilities

Multimedia content processing system in DS supports the creative work of content developers with many functions due to its unique, innovative multimedia capabilities. Completing these tasks on other systems would require such applications from third party manufacturers that are time and cost consuming and needs advanced graphic skills in use.

Secure web-based internet access

Web-based content developer and management systems are accessible anywhere, anytime in the complete DS system for users and system administrators via encrypted IP-based channels.

Unique development opportunities

A DS system provides application programming interface commands (API). With API commands on-demand functions can be developed, therefore it facilitates to integrate customized applications or hardware elements in the DS system.