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Cisco (TANDBERG) TelePresence for everyone, everywhere!

Cisco (TANDBERG) TelePresence endpoints

Cisco (TANDBERG) TelePresence endpoints provide a unique experience in quality and ease of use. We help you finding the right Cisco TelePresence endpoints for and all persons and groups for the natural and effective communication.
Our innovative portfolio includes the followings:

  • Fully customizable: adaptive and optimized Cisco (TANDBERG) TelePresence rooms for the highest quality of face to face communication and collaboration.

  • Multipurpose: the widest range of multi-purpose rooms and cooperative environments are part of the Cisco (TANDBERG) TelePresence solutions.

  • Personal: modern products for personal communication from the office, from home, or can be easily used at remote locations by frequently travelling employees.

  • Solutions of platforms: Basic Cisco (TANDBERG) TelePresence components for the customized applications of an enterprise. With application forms, such as meetings, high-definition video recordings, streaming, secure customer management solutions and remote professional services (e.g. in telemedicine) the Cisco (TANDBERG) TelePresence portfolio brings a new level of interaction, communication and collaboration.

  • Cisco TelePresence infrastructure

    Cisco (TANDBERG) TelePresence portfolio offers the most comprehensive infrastructure that is based on an integrated architecture, unified communication, and platform-independent "any-to-any" collaboration, which connect video products and collaboration technologies of Cisco (TANDBERG) and other manufacturers. Cisco TelePresence provides a network based, multi-point architecture for scalability and offers adaptive, on-demand media services, moreover ensures that the system can be integrated into digital media and collaboration solutions of Cisco (TANDBERG) and other manufacturers.

    A Cisco (TANDBERG) Cisco (TANDBERG) TelePresence infrastructure key elements are:

  • Management: comprehensive management software with scheduler, network management and reporting capabilities, including utilization and return on investment (ROI) measurement tools.

  • Multipoint technologies: the market-leading switching functions make it possible to hold large scale, high-quality and scalable meetings and apply high-performance transcoder technologies.