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1125 Budapest,Virányos ú.4/a
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   Rental of videoconferencing rooms

Rental of videoconferencing rooms

Our videoconferencing meeting room may be found at 4/a. Virányos út in Budapest. The room is available for rental during working days between 8 and 18.

  • The meeting room can accommodate up to 6 people
  • LCD display
  • TANDBERG videoconferencing unit
  • Connecting 5 video and another 2 telefon calls simultaniously
  • Connecting other presenting device (PC, DVD, CD player)
  • Free Internet connection during the conference
  • Technical assistance
  • ISDN and DSL connection.

Rental of videoconferencing units

We offer Tandberg videoconferencing units for rental, when our clients wish to use the technology in their office. Our technical staff delivers and installs the units on the premises and provide a short training for the users. If needed we provide continous onsite technical support throughout the rental time.